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IVAN (keyboard)

So, welcome to my page. Here`s a bit information about me.
Who are you?

Ivan Popov, keyboardist, arranger, composer
If you weren't playing, what would you be doing?

I would work in the film industry or would be historian.
Do you play any other instruments?

Yes, guitar and bass guitar, a little bit.
What can inspire you?

Everything. Every sound, every picture. Even rhythm of walking.
How, when and where did you get started to play?

In early years, I`ve started in the music school. And don't stop from that times till now/
Who is your celebrity crush?

Charlize Theron
What is your favorite food?

If you would play another genre of music, what would it be?

What hidden superpower do you have?

I'm  a Daredevil, with super-ears
Who are your favorite bands/singers?

Lots of them, especially Nightwish, Enya, Vangelis, sometimes not even singer, just some songs
What embarrassing songs might be found on your MP3 player?

Various movie OST, funny covers, Katy Perry, Dimmu Borgir and our early demos
What genre of music can't you stand to listen to?

Detroit-techno and grind
What is the most trouble youve ever gotten into?

Fall from the mountain and met with my first girlfriend's parents
What do you think about when your are on stage?

Next gig and trying not to fall down from this stage. Seriously - about my gear and synchronizing with guys
Your fav books are...

History, science, sci-fi
What are the five things you cant live without?

Music, notebook, studio, gigs, jokes
The most annoying things for you?

Missing or wrong notes, cold, lateness
You are dreaming to play on the same stage with...

Vangelis, Nigthwish, Vienna Symphonic Orchestra
The perfect place for you to live is...

Where my studio is.
In the band you are..

Keyboardist, arranger
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